5 Types of Friends Every Bride Needs

Types of Friends Women Need


We've talked about how your relationship with your single gal pals might change after the wedding, but for now, let's press pause and focus on your girlfriends at this moment in time. Someone once said, "I don't feel sorry for women who don't have a man in their life; I feel sorry for women without great girlfriends." We can't remember exactly who said that, but we think it's so incredibly true. And when you're going through this season of wedding planning, you'll need those girlfriends more than ever. Here are the five types of girlfriends we think every bride needs:

1. The Perennially Single Gal: She's the one you call when your fiance is working late (and maybe not being his uber kind self) and all you want to do is head downtown, have a glass of wine and a good meal and laugh. This is is your girl. Chances are, she's been single for a while, and when, on the rare occasion, you want to do a little man-trash-talking, she's there to listen, and join in. She'll remind you that, while they're pretty fun and you do love the man you're engaged to, men will never make us happy on their own: We have to do that ourselves. (And, does she seem a tad jealous about your engagement? Here's what to do.)

2. The Kind Heart: She's the one who remembered how much you love that pasta dish at the Cheesecake Factory and brought you takeout when you had your tonsils out. She texts you uplifting messages when you're going through a rough patch and she'll do the same for you when wedding planning is getting the better of you. And, it's a good bet that she loves love, so she'll be the one who hugs you the hardest and cries through your wedding ceremony (tears of joy, of course).

3. The Comedian: Let's face it: There are plenty of serious moments on the journey to the wedding (decisions, money issues, ack!), so having a friend who can help you lighten up is key. Stay close with your funniest friend through these weeks and months and you'll feel less stress as a result. Let her make you laugh when you need it most!

4. The Problem-Solver:
Even if you've been known to be the fixer in your own life, a bride needs someone she can offload a few of her problems onto sometimes. Look to your most logical girlfriend. She's the one who can help you program your new universal remote while your guy is out of town, or even figure out the solution to your feuding family's seating chart at the reception.

5. The Oldie, But Goodie: If you're lucky enough to have a friend who's known you since childhood, she'll be as valuable to you now more than ever. During the throws of planning the wedding, the greatest gift she'll give you is perspective—on how far you've come, on how much you have to be grateful for, and how truly wildly wonderful life (and love) can be. After all, the two of you were freckle-faced girls in the second grade together with a crush on that boy in the third grade. Look how life has unfolded. Keep her close, and clink glasses with her at your reception and remind her how much she means to you. She's stuck with you on this journey of wedding planning (and life). A keeper.

(And, we think this friend would make a great maid-of-honor.)

Sarah Jio

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