Eat More of This For a Better Sex Life

what to eat for a better sex life

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It's a big day for veggie lovers. First Beyonce and Jay Z go vegan, and now we learn that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables could lead to better satisfaction in bed. Goodness, we're craving a salad right now!

Brides, here's what you need to know about this news: British researchers found that people who ate at least five fruits and vegetables a day were perceived by their partners and others as more attractive than those who did not eat many fruits and vegetables.

The theory is that vegetables, and fruits, can give your skin a "golden glow" (and we're not talking about self-tanner here!) that results in a healthy, attractive appearance.

Dieticians have long known that what we eat can affect our skin (and we know that ensuring perfect skin for your big day is top-of-mind!). Blueberries, green tea and almonds are all good-for-your-skin choices, but it's interesting to know that the side of veggies on your plate could also make you even more beautiful in your fiance's eyes.

Here are some sneaky ways to get more fruits and veggies in your day:

*Four words: spinach in the smoothie. We promise, you won't even know it's there. Just toss in a handful and blend up with your berries, yogurt and other fave ingredients. Voila.

*Make salad essential. At lunch with the bridesmaids or co-workers, make a habit of ordering a side salad with your entree (and hold the dressing).

*Embellish your frozen food. We've all turned to frozen meals after long and exhausting days (been there, done that, right?), but here's the thing: frozen meals tend to be notoriously stingy with vegetables, so try this trick: add some of your own! Whether it's diced tomatoes, a grated carrot, or some chopped kale, you'll be surprised at how adding extra veggies can round out your meal (and it's so easy to do!).

*Make fruit your afternoon snack. Bananas, a bag of blueberries, apples. Think of fruit as your afternoon treat. (Better yet, combine with a handful of almonds or a slice of cheese to power you through until dinner.)

Sarah Jio

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