Four Ways Busy Brides-to-Be Can Get More Sleep

Sleep Tips for Busy Brides

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Wedding planning is exhausting! We have four fool-proof tricks to help you get some beauty rest before you big day.

1. Pick a ritual: Sleep experts say that the most successful sleepers do something you may not be: They are ritualistic about their going-to-bed routine. If you're all over the map before bedtime, it's time to fix that. Instead, create a step-by-step plan and stick to it. Maybe that means winding down with a nightly bath and cup of chamomile tea, or a half-hour of reading before lights-out (or, um, sex works too!). Whatever you choose, try to stick to it nightly, and here's why: Our brains tend to be creatures of habit, and by signalling to yours that you do any of the above before bedtime, you'll be better primed for sleep.

2. Exercise in the morning: Yes, we know, you were up late agonizing over the guest list, but if you can, set your alarm an hour earlier and see if you can fit your run in before work. While the research is preliminary, there is more thinking among health experts that women who work out in the morning as opposed to later in the day and at night may sleep better. Try switching your workout schedule up a bit and see if your sleep is positively affected. Bonus: You may also find that you have more energy during the day because of it.

3. Give your bedroom a mini-makeover: Your trouble falling asleep may have less to do with your caffeine intake during the day (be careful there, though), and more surprisingly, the state of your bedroom. Organizational pros and psychologists have long believed that a messy, cluttered bedroom could contribute to disrupted sleep. In fact, if your husband's laundry is piling up on the floor, the odor wafting from below the bed could also jar your sleep (bad odors in the bedroom have been linked to bad dreams, so help him clean up his act!).

4. Try some noise: Everyone assumes that a quiet space is the key to great sleep. But, for many, this may not be entirely true. Just as white noise can help lull babies into a deep sleep, experts say it can work for adults, too. White noise machines are inexpensive and worth trying, especially if your room is so quiet you can hear the dripping sink downstairs.

Sarah Jio

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