5 Secrets of the Very Happiest Brides

Secret to Happiness for Brides

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Maybe you're feeling the toll of wedding planning stress more than you expected you would. That's OK! It happens to the very best of us, but know this: You can get it under control, and the most zen brides know just how to do it. Here are their secrets:

1. They know when and how to delegate: Yes, you have a vision for the way the ribbons are tied on your wedding invitations, the way the escort cards are addressed, the favors, the exact placement of the flowers on the tables at the reception. Of course you do, it's your wedding! But keep in mind, details can drive a woman, well, crazy. If you don't want to verge into the Bridezilla territory, we encourage you to pick five things (yes, we said five!) to delegate to your maid-of-honor, your mother-in-law, even your husband-to-be!

2. They don't sweat the small stuff: True in life, and true in wedding wedding planning—the happiest brides shrug off the small things that crop up (and they do crop up). Maybe the musician is late to the reception, or maybe the flower girl spilled grape juice on her dress the week before the wedding and even the heavy-duty Spray-N-Wash is not getting that one out ... you breathe, you smile, you ... let it go. Repeat after me: Let. It. Go.

3. They remember that the wedding is not about "me" but about family: Yes, it's your wedding, and it's your intimate bond and shared devotion to your husband-to-be, but guess what? Weddings are about family (unless you're eloping to Vegas, then it's just about you, him, and Elvis). And remembering this early on is key. So when your future sister-in-law wants to tag along to the cake-tasting, welcome her (even if she does drive you a tad insane). And if your mom wants to invite an old friend from college who you've never even met, don't put up unnecessary roadblocks. Allowing people to share in the joy of your big day only increases your joy.

4. They give up on the idea of "perfect": Perfection can be a bride's biggest nemesis, and it plays out in everything from "I have to lose 10 pounds before the wedding" to "I have to have that designer dress I can't afford." Happy brides don't buy into perfect. They know that their wedding can be wonderful and beautiful, even if it doesn't play out like it does in the movies.

5. They know there is life after the wedding: Sometimes there is so much intensity and build-up surrounding wedding planning that brides can lose sight of the end game: the marriage. In short, the wedding is a wonderful, grand party that should be memorable, beautiful and very special for the two of you and your family, but it's nothing more than a stop (albeit a momentous one!) on the path to your future marriage. Keeping that in mind goes a long way in the happiness department.

Sarah Jio

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