5 Things Every Newly-Engaged Girl Will Get Asked

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Questions Every Newly Engaged Girl Gets Asked

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1. How did he propose? Your friends and family are curious. They want details. They want to know if he got down on one knee, if he hired a violinist to to serenade you at dinner, if you cried, if he cried. Let's face it, engagements are...joyful, and everyone wants in on that joy. So expect the people in your life to pump you for details and repeat the story over and over again (even when you start to feel like a broken record).

2. Can I see the ring?
Get ready to hold out your left hand—a lot. Your friends and family want to see it sparkle. They want to gawk at it and admire it. Let them. And some may ask to try it on (especially your pal who has wedding fever and a boyfriend taking a tortoise pace to the alter), but if you're not comfortable with that (and we understand why; it's your ring, not anyone else's!), just say you're superstitious about taking it off, but she can stare at your bling to her heart's content!

3. When's the wedding date? Get ready for this one. Everyone (and we mean, everyone) is going to want to know when you're making it official. A summer wedding? Maybe fall? Winter, at that cute chapel downtown? The moment you announce your engagement, it seems that everyone expects that you've thought about the when and where details, so don't be caught off guard. If you don't have these details worked out (and that's OK!), just say you're still figuring it all out with your husband-to-be.

4. Are you going to take his name? Just as people want to know when the wedding will be (and if they'll be invited!), many are curious about whether you'll take his name, and your single gal pals, especially. We say, it's a big decision that you should think about over the course of the engagement, so don't feel pinned down or that you have to make a quick decision. In fact, some brides wait months after they tie the knot to head to the Social Security office to make any new names official. You have time.

5. Are you going to have kids soon? (Insert eye-roll here.) But can you blame people? What comes after love and weddings? Families! And people become especially nosy when they find out you're engaged. Your friends and family, God bless them, are no exception. Be prepared for questions like, "so, are you going to start a family soon?" and "how many babies do you want?" or "do you think he'll be a great dad?" The best response to these questions? A kind smile and something along the lines of, "Well, we have to get through the wedding first!"

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