What Your Father-in-Law Can Tell You About Your Future Husband

Husband and Father-in-Law Realtionship Signs

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You met, you fell in love, and you're committing your life to him. But if you've ever had a passing thought about how he'll change as he ages, or what sort of person he might become as the years progress, turn to your future father-in-law as a case study. Yes, we are not our parents, and biology doesn't dictate everything about a person, but here are three things to notice about your father-in-law that can give you a few clues about your new husband:

Is he grumpy? You know the old saying, as women age, they get bossier; as men age, they get grumpier. Whether this is true or not, the "grumpy old man" stereotype may have a thread of truth to it. And if your father-in-law is a glass-half-empty type of person who struggles to find the joy in life, your husband may have the same tendencies in his DNA. Sure, happiness and joy are less about genetics and more about general life outlook, but if the grumpy factor runs in the family, take note of it (and maybe make it your priority to keep him laughing through the years!).

Is he engaged in his relationship? Of course, it's telling to see how how your husband's father regards women in general (and if he's a gentleman, bonus points), but pay special attention to the way your future father-in-law interacts with his wife or the special lady in his life, in particular, his level of engagement. Relationship experts say that we learn the most from the same-sex parent about how to behave in love and in relationships. And if his dad is engaged in his relationship, and brings the same love and joy to the table, years after saying 'I do' it's a good sign that your guy has the same learned staying power.

Is he helpful around the house? Was your husband raised in a home where the men didn't do their own laundry, couldn't cook dinner to save their own lives, and generally didn't lift a finger after work, permission to raise an eyebrow and talk to your husband about establishing shared household responsibilities when you move in together.

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