4 Easy Feng Shui Tweaks to Make Your Home Feel Calmer, Happier


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Wedding-planning can have a way of adding sneaky chaos to your home. Think: the stacks of magazines (including ours!) on the coffee tables; the flyers, brochures and business cards of every wedding vendor in town scattered on your kitchen table; boxes of ribbon and craft supplies for your wedding favors; and the list goes on. And, to top things off, your routines are changing because you're busy, busy, busy, so it's no surprise that your home can feel a little off about now. Whether you believe in the ancient Chinese ideology of Feng Shui (the belief that our space and surroundings can affect our energy flow), you can still benefit from a easy, quick home makeover. And who knows? Maybe the placebo effect will apply here. Try these four easy fixes and see if you feel calmer as a result:

1. Focus on the front entryway: Is your doorway area warm and welcoming? Feng Shui experts often focus on the front entryway first because it's the first point of experience with any home. While there's a lot you won't be able to change (we're not talking about hiring an architect here!), you can buy a cheerful new welcome mat or swap out the withered plants in the flower pot and give some new life to your entryway. If anything, it will make you smile and feel less stressed when passing through your front door each day.

2. Say yes to plants: Feng Shui practitioners often recommend bringing in plant life into the home. Obviously, the burst of green brightens up any room, but you'll also benefit from the way plants can clean your air (mainstream medical experts back this up too!). And, here's something fun, brides: Feng Shui thinking notes that a few extra plants in your bedroom may be a good thing for your love life. (Who knew?)

3. Examine your home office: If you have a desk in your home, check it's position. Is your chair facing the door of the room? If your back is to the door, consider switching things around so you're facing the doorway from your desk. Feng Shui experts say this can set you up for more success (and if it's easy to switch around, why not try it!).

4. Fix what's broken: Maybe it's that dripping sink, or a light bulb in the hallway chandelier that's been out for a while. Believe it or not, rolling your eyes about a small thing like this can zap your energy over time, say experts. So take five minutes and swap out the bulb or call the handyman.

5. Think about mirrors and photos: Family photos are great, but choose their placement wisely, say Feng Shui experts. For example, if you have several in your bedroom, it may be detracting from what matters most: rest and intimacy with your husband. And, think about your mirror placement, too. Decorative mirrors can be a beautiful way to energize a room, but make sure they're placed in the right way. For instance, when you look into one, you should like what it reflects behind you (in other words, if the view is of the kitchen trash can, you might think about shifting the view slightly).

Sarah Jio

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