The 5 Best Sports for Couples

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Sports for Couples

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It's a known fact: Couples who stay active together are happier, more connected and have a better chance of seeing it through in the long run. But what sports are best for you to enjoy with your husband? Here are our top 5 picks:

Why We Love it: First of all, of all the forms of exercise, running is the least complicated. The two of you can wake up, throw on running clothes, and go. And even if you run at different paces, you can attempt to keep in pace (he can run a little slower, and you a little faster), which is, in itself, a metaphor for compromise and love. And that runner's high? It's documented by science and real. And who better to be with on mile three when you get that rush of endorphins than with the man you love?

Why We Love It: While kayaking is not quite as romantic as say a gondola in Venice, kayaking has the same appeal. A double kayak (rent one, or purchase your own!), provides a great opportunity to be close to your husband and see the world from the perspective of a duck, gliding through the water. Bonus: We love the idea of packing a picnic lunch (and maybe a bottle of wine?) to store in the boat to enjoy after a few hours of paddling.

In-Line Skating
Why We Love It: Yes, yes, in-line skating may have peaked in 1993, but we still think its the most fun you can have on wheels with your man. Here's why: Most people find that it's both terrifying and exhilarating to skate through a city street. There's so much to navigate: fear of falling and embarrassment, bumps in the road, avoiding collisions ... all things to confront in real life, too. Yes, you may fall (wear knee pads and a helmet), but we guarantee, if you try it, you'll laugh, break a good sweat, and have a generally great time.

Why We Love It: Even if your backhand is laughable, we still think that teaming up with your husband for a game of doubles (perhaps against your best couple pals?) is a wonderful exercise in teamwork and togetherness. Bonus: He will find you irresistible in that white tennis skirt.

Why We Love It: An honest-to-goodness great form of cardio, biking is also blissful. Pick a sunny day, feel the wind on your face, hear the birds chirping, and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way. We can't think of a more perfect active date, in fact.

Sarah Jio

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