Lucky in Love! Why 11/12/13 Is One Of the Most Popular Wedding Dates This Year

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Let's face it: Weddings have a lot of superstition woven into their time-honored traditions. Brides still wear their something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; most brides and grooms wait to see each other until the wedding ceremony; the wedding bouquet toss is meant to be caught by the next woman to be married; the list goes on. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that today, 11/12/13, is one of the most popular wedding dates this year.

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According to David's Bridal's annual survey, more than 3,000 weddings will take place in the U.S. today, compared with 371 weddings on the same date last year.

Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer for David's Bridal, said the company's November 16 to November 27 online survey of 500 engaged or married women found that there is a rising trend of couples seeking such memorable wedding dates.

"Iconic dates have become a trend in the U.S., reaching new heights when over 65,000 couples tied the knot on 07/07/07," Beitler told The Daily Mail.

"11/12/13 is a sequential pattern, and we have learned that couples love dates that have patterns, Beitler continued. "'The last consecutive series of the century will occur next year, 12/13/14. It falls on a Saturday, so we predict this date could reach record breaking numbers." How high are those numbers? Beitler is putting his estimate at 20,000!

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We're not surprised by this trend, though we are taken aback by its rapidly growing popularity. Though 11/12/13 falls on a tough-to-plan Tuesday, many couples are foregoing weekend nuptials for the memorable and luck-laden date. Bride-to-be Quon Malachi's fiance Mark Barnwell chose the date for a special reason. "He wants to tell our grandchildren we got married on 11/12/13," she told New York Daily News. As many brides personalize their wedding ceremonies and receptions, it fits that they would want a wedding and anniversary date that also felt completely original. It also makes for a fun theme for wedding favors!

With significant numbers in a wedding date come beliefs that the marriage is destined for good luck. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas resorts and chapels know that many couples venture there to really cash in on that fortune.

The city's official tourism website describes the phenomena as such: "The phrase 'getting lucky in Las Vegas' takes a whole new meaning with numerically-themed wedding dates. Dates like 7-7-07, 10-10-10 and 12-12-12 have been especially popular. Other dates sure to be a hit include 11-12-13 and 12-13-14. So what is it about these "numerically interesting dates" that caused such a buzz? Couples love to celebrate their biggest day with memorable dates. And since Las Vegas and lucky numbers go hand-in-hand, these special dates make a winning combination."

Accordingly, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is offering themed wedding packages for what it calls "the charismatic and fun-loving couple[s] that gets married on a 12 day," while Chapel of the Flowers helps brides- and grooms-to-be plan a "11/12/13 Forever Ceremony." Meanwhile, The Cosmopolitan hotel allows guests to celebrate their special, sequential wedding date in the resort's The Chandelier event space. Last month, burger chain Smashburger hosted a contest that allowed couples to enter to win a free Las Vegas wedding on 11/12/13 hosted by none other than an Elvis impersonator (because Vegas).

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What do non-Vegas minded brides think about getting married on a meaningful date? We asked real brides on our Facebook page to share any special, meaningful or unique numerical wedding dates and why they chose them. We loved hearing heart-warming wedding details and noticed some patterns. As it turns out, numerically-significant wedding dates are more common than we thought!

Sequential wedding dates
15% of brides who shared their special wedding dates fell into this category. We saw lots of weddings planned for 12/13/14, several that will happen today, and many that were on 10/11/12. One bride plans on saying "I do" 16 seconds after 1:15 pm today—giving her an exact wedding date of 11/12/13 at 14:15:16.

Repeat-number dates
10% of brides got married on dates that must have looked completely unique on wedding invitations. We saw many anniversaries announced, including 12/12/12 (an Amar'e Stoudemire-approved day), 11/11/11 (one bride even got married at 1 pm!), 11/1/11, 10/10/10, 08/08/08 (an infinite number, which was important for the bride's Greek husband), and 07/07/07.

Palindrome dates
It takes some very careful planning (and even swapping of numbers) to make these dates work, but 5% of our respondents did it! One bride chose to get married on 2/11/12 so the date would read the same both ways, another selected 12/8/12 for its symmetry, while another decided to wed on 12-21-12 even though it was supposed to be Doomsday! (Remember when people were worried about that?) Other brides, using the European form of calendar dates chose similarly appealing days to get married: These dates include 14/2/14, 14/6/14 and 15/8/15.

Mathematic dates
We're not surprised our Brides community is filled with smarties. Still, we couldn't believe that 4% of brides chose to get married on days with arithmetic meaning! Some examples:

2/7/14 (2 X 7= 14)

11/2/13 (11+2=13)

7/6/13 (07+06=13)

10/4/14 (10+4=14)

Getting married on an anniversary, birthday, or holiday, is nothing new, as many responses proved (we did like the bride who married on May 4 for its Star Wars connection). So many husbands forget anniversary dates, so what better way to seal it into his brain than with a super-cool, iconic numeric date? Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to prepare for 12/13/14!

—Terri Pous

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