3 Sneaky Ways to Feel Happier Right This Second

happiness tips for stressed-out brides

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At the end of your wedding-planning rope? Put the DIY projects down and listen up. In times like these, it helps to have a few easy happiness boosters that you can try ASAP. Here are a few I've found to work every time:

Sniff This: Health experts have long known about the correlation between scent and mood. (In fact, past research has even noted a link between bad dreams and icky odors in the bedroom—really.) And, the right scent can have a positive impact on your outlook. Take citrus scents, for instance. Whether peeling an orange, or sipping some grapefruit juiceexperts say that a little whiff of citrus can lift you out of a slump and promote feelings of joy, and what bride couldn't use a little more of that? (Interestingly, one past study that was, yes, sponsored by citrus growers, found that people felt more "zingy," "happy," and "alive," after drinking a glass of OJ.) Maybe a good idea before stepping into the bridal salon with your future mother-in-law?

Spice Things Up: Whether it's lunchtime, or you just need a snack, consider something with spice. Past research from the State University of New York at Buffalo say that a compound in hot peppers known as capsaicin triggers the pain receptors in your mouth, which leads to a release of feel-good endorphins that can boost your mood.

Sip Some Java: Permission to head to the cafe for a pumpkin-spice latte: Harvard researchers say that people who drink coffee regularly (twice a day) are 20 percent less likely to suffer from depression and mood issues (read: less chance you'll take it out on your florist for suggestion carnations in your bridal bouquet). While the experts aren't exactly sure what it is about coffee that might ward off the blues, we're so not arguing about the excuse to take a coffee break (or four) in the days leading up to the big day! Just make sure you brush immediately afterwards—coffee is top on the list of foods that can stain your teeth before the wedding.

Sarah Jio

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