The Series Finale of Bridezillas Airs Tonight! Watch the Nine Most Dramatic, Divalicious Moments Ever

Tonight marks the end of an era—the final episode ever of Bridezillas will air on WE tv at 9pm. We know what you're thinking: "What am I going to do without demanding divas, complacent fiancés, and disgruntled family members?" Fear not! We've scoured through all ten (yes, ten!) seasons of Bridezillas to find the most jaw-dropping, juicy, "no she didn't!"-inducing moments we still can't believe actually happened.

The cake smasher: Valerie

Furious that her wedding cake wasn't chocolate, Valerie goes at it with the baker the day before her wedding. When words and a fake anxiety attack don't make her baker budge, Valerie takes to alternative means of negotiation. With fire in her eyes—and power behind her fists—Valerie smashes her cake to oblivion rather than bear the fact that it's vanilla. Watch the clip and join in our horror at the demolition of perfectly innocent fondant.

The girl in the mirror: Dez

When tensions are at an all time high, most bridezillas lash out at friends and family. Dez found a different target for her frustrations. After arriving to an empty bachelorette party, this bride-to-be decides her entire hometown hates her. Instead of screaming at her two friends in attendance (who also happened to show up late), Dez does the unexpected and yells at herself in the mirror. You've got to witness this trainwreck for yourself.

Classist with no class: Karen

Karen and her best gal pals pile into a Porsche limousine to head to her bachelorette party. Upon pulling up to New York City club Marquee, the bride-to-be is stopped in her tracks. As the no-nonsense bouncer guarding the door asks her to take off all of her bachelorette apparel, something snaps. The claws come out, and Karen start whipping around words like "You're a $9 an hour human being," "Honey, my ring is $100,000 dollars," "Is there like a manager that's classy?" Sit back, and be as appalled as we were at her ignorance as she utters, "Apologize to a doorman?!"

One ring for every finger: Remy

As if a 5.5 carat engagement ring wasn't enough, Remy manages to convince her future hubby to splurge and buy her a second diamond wedding band. But why stop at two rings when you can have three? Remy pushes her husband-to-be so far while shopping that he throws his hands in the air—literally—along with all of the cash he has on him.

Inappropriate foreplay: Tasha

Want to feel extremely uncomfortable? Then watch Tasha and her fiancé talk so dirty (seriously, like NSFW dirty) at their rehearsal dinner, right in front of their parents. It made us blush, cringe, and turn away. Lesson learned: If you get nervous around your future in-laws, alcohol is not the answer, especially if you're prone to naughty talk with your man once you have a few martinis.

Repeat offender: Jeanine

This clip is a classic case of Bridezilla drama. Our bride Jeanine becomes enraged when she realizes her father won't be making it to her reception. The icing on the cake? Her father in-law drove him home. How does she deal with her missing dad? By getting in her new father-in-law's face and repeating the same sentences over and over again at an obnoxiously high decibel.

Cursing up a storm: Ray Rae

Nothing screams class like a bride who swears, "I will beat everyone up, daddy, I'm not even joking." And all because her aunt didn't want her to play "curse music" in a limo full of children! But our stubborn bride, like so many Bridezillas before her, doesn't care about common courtesy. It's her day, after all, and she will leave her own wedding if she doesn't get her way.

Banishing sweetness: Marlene

What would you do if a friend baked you a cake from scratch, and your fiancé sweetly suggests the friend make it again for your wedding? Lose your $%&*, of course! Instead of a simple "no thanks" Marlene tumbles into a three minute rant about why her friend Joe's lava cake is not worthy. "I hired a professional wedding baker to do our wedding cake, because it's a professional wedding—it's not a joke." Ouch.

Entitled diva: Ariel

Dear readers, here's a great wedding budget idea: Instead of spending any money of your own, yell at your mother incessantly (and refuse to feed her) until she "keeps her purse open." Then, whine like a three-year-old toddler who doesn't want to go bed when her favorite TV show is on. According to Ariel, this money-saving method works every time!

—Lauren Frankfort

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