Would you sign a prenuptial agreement?

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This week in the forums our member's are discussing prenuptial agreements.

CapeTownBride describes the prenup she is planning to get. "I am insisting on a pre-nup even though my fiance is not terribly keen. My idea of a pre-nup is simple: what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours. What we buy together (house, cars etc) should be split according to how we contributed."

"Life is complicated these days & it makes perfect sense to work things out while you are feeling fond of each other," says Sassy411

"I did not have a pre-nup," explains AuntoftheBride. "I got married when my husband and I were both in graduate school, and our combined assets were close to $0. We got married in a community property state, so any thing earned after the marriage would have been community property, anyway, regardless of a pre-nup."

Are you and your fiance planning on getting a prenup? Why or why not? Click here to continue the discussion in the forums or share your thoughts in the comments.

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