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Oscar de la Renta

Listen in as our editor in chief Julie Raimondi and executive editor Amy Elliott take five and discuss Monday's highlights.

Julie: How's that coffee treating you?

Amy: Thank God for this coffee—it's long overdue. (Takes a sip) Ahhh. Now down to fashion. I think that the Oscar de la Renta show is clearly the highlight of the day today. What about you?

Julie: I agree. I thought Oscar did what Oscar does best, which is to create completely distinctive, unique looks. It doesn't matter what the trend is. His collection had what I think were probably the only A-line dresses I saw at market this year. He also had big voluminous ball gowns and incredibly sculpted dresses that were still very soft and not as architectural as we've seen elsewhere. And there was a dress I thought you would love with long, lacy sleeves. Did you see that one?

Amy: I loved that look. It was so beautiful. I couldn't tell if it was a lace jacket, or just the top of the gown was lace, but it was so ladylike, and so elegant and romantic. That was one of my favorite looks for sure.

Julie: What did you think of the navy finale dress with the gold butterflies?

Amy: The line sheet says its ribbon embroidery, but you're right, it did look like little butterflies. It was a very avant-garde dress. I liked it, but I like some of the other colors—like the pink and the green—better.

Julie: Yeah, there were some great pinks in there. So, back to dresses people can afford. The Watters show. I saw them in Chicago and was in love. What did you think of the show you saw from them today?


Augusta Jones, Watters, Marchesa

Amy: Well, you know Watters—great style for a really great price. They trotted out some lovely looks, from soft and flowy and beach-appropriate to just really demure, classic. And they've introduced a new fabric. It kind of mimics the look of silk doupioni, but it's more affordable and doesn't have that sort of high-luster shine to it.

Julie: Which we both prefer, right?

Amy: Absolutely. And I know you really liked the colors. You were talking about them when you came back from Chicago, and they were almost like exotic neutrals.

Julie: Everything looked dusted with gray, which sounds sort of sad and depressing, but it's actually incredibly sophisticated and easy to wear again.

Amy: And then the other standout of the day was Augusta Jones. I went and saw her presentation, and she's another designer with a great price point. She actually trotted out a gown in a synthetic fabric first, and then showed the same look in silk. When the two models were on the runway at the same time it was so interesting to compare apples to apples and I'm telling you, I preferred the synthetic fabric because there was something about the high luster of the silk that could potentially be unflattering. And of course the silk one is more expensive—

Julie: —and that's a real rarity for you, Amy. And of course you almost always like the really expensive one. When it comes to white satin though, sometimes the really expensive ones are not so attractive.

Amy: Agreed, agreed.

Julie: So, I think we're about done here. We have to chug down our espressos, and—

Amy: You have a doppio!

Julie: I have a doppio. It's my new trick. You order a grande iced doppio and then you add your own milk and it's like two bucks.

Amy: Oh wait! We have to tell them about Marchesa!

Julie: Oh, right! Marchesa. Okay, Marchesa is relatively new to everyone here though she's a huge favorite among the celebs for really incredible, gorgeous red carpet gowns. She entered the bridal world last year, and this is her second collection. We already shot one for one of our covers, so obviously we're fans. What did you think of the latest collection?

Amy: Fashion-forward, statement-making, head-turning. And some of it was really avant-garde, so it was very impressive, and I think we both really liked it a lot. And there's other stuff too, tell them about the—

Julie: -Oh, dishes, dishes! Marchesa has already created their own line of china with Lenox. I'm just really impressed with the line. It's really about fashion.

Amy: You're not just impressed, you're thrilled! You're over the moon!

Julie: Alright, I'm a little bit over the moon. You know, it's hard as an editor. We see a lot of white dresses, so when something really just stands out from the pack, it's always worth noting to us whether or not brides will love it. I think Marchesa will definitely find a market and they're available across the country now. I'm just curious to watch them grow! Alright, we've got to get going.

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