Tai Beauchamp takes a "Holidate"

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Being in a loved one's wedding party is an honor, but movies like 27 Dresses give new meaning to the "Always a bridesmaid..." adage. So what's a tried-and-true bridesmaid to do?

Tai Beauchamp, an East Coast beauty journalist and editor, starred in the season premiere of SOAPnet's new original reality series, Holidate. Modeled after Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet's adventure in The Holiday, each episode features two women who switch cities for a few days to go on blind dates with handpicked hotties. Tai stepped miles outside of her comfort zone to find love (or something like it) and now she's sharing the details! —Melanie Baevsky

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1. You'd never been on a blind date before. What was the best part of the experience? The worst?

One of best parts of blind dating on Holidate was knowing that all of the guys who I went out with had been extensively screened—I knew they weren't "psychos" because they had to undergo thorough background checks. The dates were also very well planned. I'm not sure though if the guys had much say in what we did, the producers may have made all the arrangements!

The worst part of the experience was that on each date, as soon as the conversation began to flow, we had to move on to different questions or a different section.

2. Are West Coast guys different from East Coasters?

Guys in LA are certainly different from the ones in NYC! In LA, they were a lot more laid back, creative and artsy...less "corporate" than in NYC. They seem more carefree and spirited, and I felt that energy on my dates. The guys I went out with allowed themselves to be vulnerable whereas NYC men, for the most part, are a lot more reserved and restrained.

3. Did being on the show inspire you to step out of your comfort zone a bit more?

This was a drastically different experience for me. I am a rather private person when it comes to my personal life, so dating on camera was a huge step. Since the experience, I've learned that I, like so many, have a lot more to gain than to lose by stepping outside of my comfort zone.

4. What's your biggest piece of advice for someone who is looking for true love?

That's a difficult question because I wouldn't say that I am "looking for love." Rather, I am open and ready for love, although I know the show suggests that I'm looking. I've experienced true love before and honestly, I fell in love when I least expected it. I'd like to believe the key is to be open and ready. And really, when we give love, it boomerangs...so watch out!

5. Did you find love?

No, I didn't find love. But I didn't expect to in one date. I mean, is love in one date possible? That would be very romantic! I hoped to meet different types of people, maybe gain a friend, and see what happen from there. I met three great guys, two of whom I found to be quite attractive, and they're all potentially great partners for someone.

6. As a girl who says she's "always a bridesmaid," did being on the show make you feel more ready to be a bride?

When I meet and experience the right guy for me, I'll be ready to be a bride. The show really just opened my eyes and mind to approaching dating in a different way. But until I meet the one, I'll keep helping my friends and their "perfect mates" plan their weddings. Hopefully, I'll collect some super chic (and wearable) bridesmaid's dresses along the way!

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