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She has her own show on E!, a strapping hubby-to-be and a gorgeous wedding planned at the Playboy Mansion later this month, so what doesn't former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson have? A top wedding dress designer—and that's exactly how she likes it!

"I could easily get a top designer, like Monique whatever-her-name-is or Vera Wang, but I was just walking down the street one day and I ended up going into a regular bridal shop and the lady there just was really nice so I decided to work with her to have her make my dress. I have faith in her that she can make me my dream wedding dress," says Kendra. "There is a certain style of what I want and she is busting her ass to make me my perfect wedding dress."

This Sunday Kendra will premiere on E! The show will document Wilkinson's post-Playboy life in the real world while planning her dream wedding to Philadelphia Eagles player Hank Baskett. Here, she dishes on her wedding advice for choosing bridesmaids and sticking to your guns while planning your dream day. —Cari Wolfert

Was it an obvious choice to get married at the Playboy Mansion?

No, not at all. Of course the Mansion was on our minds but we didn't know if that was going to work out so we were trying to make other plans. The first thing we planned was Hawaii...

There's more!

We were just going to go to Hawaii and get married in a very small ceremony—but then realized that my grandma can't fly. So then we were planning on a Southern California wedding on a cliff or something over the ocean, like San Diego. We were looking all over the internet for a really pretty destination. But then of course, Hef offered to have it there. And we were like, what better place could we have!

What are your wedding colors?

The main color of the wedding is lavender. My room at the Playboy Mansion was lavender and I've always loved the color. I love pastel—I'm not a pastel girl but I do like lavender.

Are you incorporating your personal style into your wedding?

The Playboy Mansion looks like a castle so the wedding is going to be a very fairytale-like wedding and my dress just makes me feel like a princess. It looks like a Disney cartoon wedding dress! The whole wedding is very traditional because Hank and I have a very traditional love. I don't think the wedding is a specific style. I'm a person that likes to go with the flow. I like whatever looks good.

On the Girls Next Door you kind of stepped back and let Holly and Bridget take care of the planning and girly stuff. Have you stepped up now that it's your wedding?

I definitely want everything my way. I can definitely call myself a planner now. Hank and I love being hands on so we make sure we are doing as much as we can. Now it's my time because it's my wedding so I want it my way and no one's going to tell me how I want things.

What advice would you give to a brides to keep other people's opinions out of their wedding planning?

Don't listen to anybody—even your mom. You have to stay strong, whatever your dream is you have to keep that dream yours and not anybody else's. You have one day to make this right and to make it your dream wedding. You don't want to have a wedding that is somebody else's dream, you want to have wedding that is your dream.

Are you including your dogs in your wedding?

I would think that my dogs would just squat and poop on the aisle. I would want them to cooperate but they're not trained to do that. But if it comes down to it, maybe. It's a possibility.

How did you choose your bridesmaids?

My maid of honor is my best friend that I grew up with. She's always there for me. She knows me for me. She knew me through my bad times and good times. You don't want to rush into picking your bridesmaids. See, I'm a people pleaser. I really want everybody happy around me and if I rush I'll make mistakes. When you rush on things you always end up making mistakes you can't go back on.

Take your time in choosing your bridesmaids because you don't want that random girl in your pictures for the rest of your life. You want people in those pictures that you can tell your kids, "these girls were always there for me, these girls were like my sisters." They should bring nothing but good things to your wedding.

Will Holly and Bridget be your bridesmaids too?

Oh yeah, definitely. They've been a part of my life through the biggest part of my life. It would be weird not to have them there—we've been through a lot and I definitely want them to be there through this.

Have you been doing any special workouts for your wedding?

Well the last fitting I had the lady actually told me I had gained weight. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Keep gaining weight! No, I'm kidding. I'm not going to stress over it. You know of course I am going to have a nice tan for it. Of course I am going to keep eating right. I always eat right. I eat vegetables and fruit and stuff, not to too many carbs. And I go on hikes every day.

Are you having a bachelorette party?

We're going to have a joint one. We just want to be together. Wer'e getting married and we hate not being with each other. We're apart enough. He's across the country playing football. It's going to be laid back. We're all laid back people. We just like to go and have dinner and have fun together. That's what it all about.

BONUS: What has been your favorite part of the whole wedding planning process?

My favorite part about wedding planning is just knowing that the wedding is right around the corner. I am just getting really excited about getting married to him. And also being with my friends and bridesmaids and going to the dress store. Picking the flowers was fun, picking the colors, just knowing that I had everything to do with everything that's going to be there—it's very powerful.


Courtesy of E!

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